We offer a large array of products to meet the needs of class 100,000 to class 1 clean room environments.  Some of our products we manufacture in house, others we have chosen to carry because we have come to trust the quality and economy of the products themselves.   

  • Clean Room Vacuum

    $ 1.00

    Minuteman CRV (clean room vacuum)

    Designed for use in Class I (ISO3) to 100,000 clean rooms, biological and pharmaceutical research labs.  Equipped with U.L.P.A. (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filter (99.999% efficient at 0.12 microns).  This is our favorite Minuteman vacuum, it is very durable and dependable. 

  • Micro Vacuum

    $ 460.00

    Minuteman Micro HEPA Vacuum

    Minuteman MicroVac - 4 Gallon - Dry Applications Only. HEPA filtration system retains 99.97% of all particulates 0.3 microns and larger.  This unit is very light weight and affordably priced for the performance it provides.  We highly recommend this unit for keeping on site for small clean up jobs in data centers and other class 100,000 clean rooms.  


  • $ 30.00

    Minuteman Micro Vacuum Paper Filter Collector Bags

     Package of 10 collection bags for Minuteman Micro Vac.

  • Minuteman HEPA Back Pack Vacuum

    $ 600.00

    Minuteman V10 Pro Plus HEPA Back Pack Vacuum

    Minuteman has introduced the V10 Back Pack Vacuum in Fall 2009. This Vacuum is available in both H.E.P.A. and standard models. Each unit comes standard with an "on-board" tool kit that straps on your waist.

  • $ 18.00

    Minuteman V10 Pro Plus HEPA filter Back Pack Vacuum Replacement bags

     Package of 5 bags for minuteman back pack vacuum model number V10115PP. 


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