BackSaver Tile Puller

BackSaver Tile Puller

The original stand up tile puller.

Light weight industrial design includes a extra heavy duty 5" double cup lifter on the end of a 32" ergonomic powder coated silver finished handle operated with a 4" black grip and lever; No Longer includes wall mount.   

Raised flooring is also called access flooring. These floors can usually be seen in modern designed office buildings, IT data centers, command centers, as well as computer rooms where it is required to have a place to route wirings, cables, mechanical services and electrical supply. In order to open such floorings, it is necessary to use raised floors tile puller. These raised floors tile puller make it easy to remove tiles for cleaning without having to completely stoop down.

These floor tiles may also be covered with different flooring finishes to work well with tiles, laminates, marble, and stone finishes. This is especially used in laboratories or computer rooms. Lifting such tiles is not difficult with the help of raised floors tile puller. Many office buildings use raised flooring to enhance their spaces while securing cables underneath.

Nowadays, modern office buildings, particularly in their computer and equipment rooms, use an under floor air distribution system to enhance cooling of the room while saving energy. Air is also provided underneath the floor, and at the same time distributed upward through spaced tiles. Fire protection systems can also be installed under the raised floors. It is easy to lift up the tiles with the help of raised floors tile puller and properly maintain these systems.

Please see our BackSaver Tune Up page for more information on how to maintain your BackSaver Tile puller.


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