Minuteman CRV (clean room vacuum)

Clean Room Vacuum
  • Designed for use in Class I (ISO3) to 100,000 clean rooms, biological and pharmaceutical research labs.
  • Equipped with U.L.P.A. (Ultra Low Penetration Air) filter (99.999% efficient at 0.12 microns)
  • Tank 4 Gal.(15 liter), Dry Capacity - .21 cu. ft.(.005m3)
  • CFM, 99(2.8m3/min), Water lift, 88"(2235 mm)
  • Front wheels 3"(5 cm) and rear wheels 6"(15 cm)
  • Radio Frequency Interference/Electro Magnetic Interference filtration

Comes with Lid Assembly, 115V, 50/60 Hz (includes U.L.P.A. filter), Cloth Filter Bag Assembly, Paper Filter Collection Bags (10/pkg), and Plug for Aluminum Intake. After adding to cart please choose either painted or stainless steel tank assembly.  For Stainless Steel canisters $20.00 will be added to cost.  


The MinuteMan Clean Room Vacuum is highly essential for a clean room. The cleanliness inside is typically specified depending on the number particles for every cubic meter in a specific particle size. The concept of clean rooms is about highly controlling all the variables in the surrounding environment. Temperature, airborne contaminants, humidity and other things which may have an effect during the research or manufacturing process are highly controlled. Thus, a clean room must regularly be cleaned with a MinuteMan Clean Room Vacuum, perfectly sealed, and nothing should be able to enter it. As a result, certain systems, like in filtration and air management are oftentimes incorporated inside a clean room. This is to make sure that everything inside runs smoothly and should be regularly monitored and maintained.


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