Falcon F200 Monitoring Appliance

F200 Facilities Monitoring Device
RLE Technologies' F200 monitors environmental parameters and protects facilities from disastrous consequences.
  • 4 Sensor Inputs - You choose whether you'd like to deploy temperature sensors, temperature/humidity sensors, or a combination of the two.F200 Dry Contact Inputs
  • 8 Digital Inputs - Unlimited monitoring possibilities. Monitor something as simple as whether a door is opened or closed, or monitor more complex parameters including motion sensors, fire alarms, gas detectors, airflow sensors, and summary alarms from critical equipment including UPS's and generators.
  • 1 Relay Output - Use the F200's relay output to control an external device in the event of an alarm condition.
  • 1 Zone Leak Detection - The F200 can supervise an SD‑Z1 spot detector or up to 200 feet of RLE's patented leak detection sensing cable and inline SD‑Z spot detectors.
  • Plug-and-Play - Once all your monitoring connections are snapped into place, the F200 does the rest. Information is displayed on the F200's sleek, integrated web interface. Intuitive options and menuing keep configuration quick and easy, and the interface can be accessed from any computer or mobile device.
  • Logging - The dashboard displays the 50 most recent alarm and return to normal events, including date and time stamps for each.
  • Trending - A line graph displays up to 86,400 points in time - each point records the temperature and humidity (where applicable) readings of all sensors plugged into the F200. Trending is customizable - you choose how frequently the points are sampled. View the graph through your web browser and use the sliders at the bottom of the graph to get an up-close view of your data points. Trending data is even downloadable as a CSV file.


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