With humanity's ever increasing dependence on technology, data centers play and will continue to play for the foreseeable future an ever more critical role in the modern economy.  From hyper-scale sever farms to colocation provider facilities to smaller enterprise server rooms and closets, we continue to see most sectors of the industry rapidly expand.  Not only is the industry expanding, but technology allows higher server rack densities, or more power consumption per square foot.  The overall amount of energy consumed annually by data centers is staggering.  Data centers in the US annually consume more power than many developed EU countries combined (ex. 2013 US consumption at 91 billion kWh as opposed Belgium at about 80 billion kWh the same year)!

Interestingly, in the United States, it is not the immense server farm of multi-tenant facilities that use the majority of energy resources consumed by data centers.  According to a 2014 NDRC Whitepaper, 50% of the overall US server consumption is attributed to smaller server rooms and closets.  Much of this energy is wasted by inefficient legacy systems or outdated cooling practices.

Many incentives exist to maximize energy efficiency, not the least of which is reducing electricity costs.  Thus why there are so many companies promising attractive ROIs on every type of cooling solution imaginable. 

Paragon's Approach

For nearly 30 years our core competency has been computer room decontamination. For the last few decades, we have seen thousands of different facilities and have witnessed the evolution of the data center.  Over the years, we have also been able to partner with several different thought leaders in the data center cooling solution industry.  We have come to appreciate that no solution is a one size fits all solution.  Our dedication is to our clients. Thus we are vendor agnostic in our approach with assisting clients in choosing the best solution or combination of solutions that will help them maximize energy in their unique facilities.  Sometimes containment may be the answer. Perhaps active cooling solutions will be the best fit. Other facilities would better benefit from assistance in finding and utilizing utility company incentives for reducing energy consumption.  Our commitment is to provide whatever connection or product that will best answer the need.  From extensive experience throughout the last few decades, we know which are the best airflow management companies and products and can help guide to the right solution.


Paragon Cooling Solutions

 High Airflow Grates

 Full and Partial Hot and Cold Aisle Containment

 Blanking Panels


 Power Usage Monitoring Products

 Utility Company Incentive Consultation 


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