Cooling Capacity vs. IT load

According to a recent study done by Upsite Technologies, on average, computer rooms have nearly four times the running cooling capacity than is necessary to cool their IT loads (based on a study of 45 data centers). Is Your Data Center Overcooled?

How Does Your Data Center Measure Up? 

Your initial reaction may be that since you are having issues with maintaining acceptable temperatures in some zones of your data center, that you must be under cooled.  Cooling capacity however, may not be the issue.  More often than not the issue lies with how the cooled air is being delivered to the servers and equipment as well as bypass airflow. Bypass airflow being defined as air that has not met its intended load before returning to air handling units. On the other hand, you may recognize that the issue indeed lies with airflow management (AFM) and reducing bypass airflow. Maybe you are even in the process of implementing AFM initiatives. Maybe you aren't having issues with cooling your equipment at all. 

Does it matter? 

No matter what the scenario is in your data center, you stand to benefit from knowing what your running cooling capacity is. Knowing how much load your current configuration can handle under ideal circumstances is a very valuable metric and can help you determine how well airflow initiatives are performing as well as determine what your IT capacity for a particular environment may be. 

Download Upsite's Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) White Paper to quickly determine what your data center's cooling capacity is, learn how to achieve maximum capacity in your data center and achieve meaningful energy savings.  In addition to the white paper, Upsite has provided a valuable Cooling Capacity Calculator free of charge.   


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