Are there Gaps in Your Emergency Preparedness Plan? 

Downtime avoidance and resilience is the name of the game for most facilities managers these days. With the average cost of company downtime skyrocketing and the number and frequency of threats increasing dramatically, you - the person that everyone will be looking to when things go to pot - need to be laser focused and do anything and everything you can to be prepared. 

"Emergency preparedness and business continuity is an organization's lifeline. Without it, a successful company can collapse in a heartbeat." 
Mark Sekula, IFMA Fellow, CFM, FMP, LEED AP, President, Facility Futures Inc. 

Elevation of FM Professionals

IFMA and RLE Technologies have teamed up to survey facilities managers across North America with the goal of identifying gaps in organizations' preparedness plans and best practices to help plug those gaps. The study makes a compelling case for elevating the role of facility management professional as a strategic partner as organizations and facilities gain complexity. For businesses developing or updating their emergency preparedness/business continuity plans, there are 10 areas that must be considered. FM professionals play a significant role throughout this process. 
  1. Define roles 
  2. Define mission-critical functions 
  3. Define risks 
  4. Calculate costs 
  5. Monitor 
  6. Communicate 
  7. Test 
  8. Practice 
  9. Adapt and adjust 
  10. Crowd source 

Free Executive Summary IFMA REport

As the exclusive sponsor of this valuable research, we are happy to be able to offer you the executive summary of this report free by clicking the Download button below. High Stakes Business Report

If you would like to dive into the details of the report more deeply visit RLE Technologies' website to request a free full report, valued at $180. We suggest you do it today as we have only a limited number of free licenses available. The full report can also be purchased from IFMA at:

Do you have the right leak detection solution? 

Every facility has unique monitoring needs based on its susceptibility to water or chemical leak damage.
RLE Technologies presents a leak detection checklist to help safeguard your business against the possibility of severe water damage and its consequences for your business. This checklist will help you identify threats and problem areas in your facility, consider your best solutions, and be proactive in averting a disaster before it happens.
After all, the correct monitoring and notification system can prevent up to 79% of facility downtime and the cost of the wrong system or no system at all can be startlingly high. Don't be the one to pay that price.
Want to dig deeper? Check out the accompanying checklist User Guide.


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