Atlanta Data Center Cooling

Because of innovation, the digital economy is becoming more in demand, and thus, the need for data center storage facility is a must. In order for these storage facilities to operate efficiently, you must also consider the need to put in place Data Center Cooling solutions. The problem is, failure to properly cool these facilities can lead to server down time or worse, loss of equipment. With the help of Paragon International, you will be able to ensure your equipment is operating at maximum efficiency with Atlanta Data Center Cooling solutions.

Data Center Cooling Products  Atlanta Data Center Cooling

When cooling your data storage facilities, installing the right products and materials can go a long way. This is why the Atlanta Data Center Cooling professionals from Paragon Int. use the best products that make your data cooling facilities more efficient!

When looking for the best products for your data storage cooling facility, choose a company that has a good reputation in providing the best Data Center Cooling solutions. Paragon International uses products from brands that are fully trusted and proven to work. Paragon proudly stands behind their products and services and you can rest assure that you will be getting your money's worth. Please take some time and check out our data center cooling products and services:

Open Area Panel

If you want a very cold aisles for your data storage facility, then consider installing an Infinity 66% Open Area Panel. This panel can make the cold air three times cooler than other perforated panels. Furthermore, this product has outstanding strength that is able to support even a static load of 1,500 lb. The panels are guaranteed to fit any data storage systems when used along with appropriate accessories.

KoldLok Integral Split

This floor grommet is the most sought-after brands in the market these days. In fact, a number of Atlanta Data Center Cooling facilities make use of this model as it is quick to install on existing cable cutouts. Its 32-inch usable cabling area can accommodate several varieties of cabling requirements which include a 100 amp power connector. The floor grommets do not have any loose or partially fastened parts that would separate or fall on the raised floor.

SubGard Plenum Partitions

These Plenum Partitions are made of high-grade fireproof materials that are guaranteed to keep your data storage facility safe. The holes are set at a 2" interval from each other for a quick and easy installation. To achieve maximum safety, the holes are protected by high quality metal grommets and the installation can be easily done by running the tie straps towards and the grommets and then tying them to the plenum stringers.


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