Chicago server room cooling

   There's no question that we're in the middle of another IT boom. Data centers throughout the world are spinning wildly toward a day when they'll be beyond capacity. While many of these data centers are making plans to increase the size of their facilities or move to larger buildings, we have a much simpler solution: increase the efficiency of the existing equipment air conditioning system to lower power expenditure and optimize the space that's available.

   Our Chicago server room cooling services are centered on one simple principle, if a server room appears to be reaching its limit, it's probably a simple case of poor airflow control. In many cases, cool air is allowed to reach areas that don't need to be cooled and "hot spots" aren't receiving enough airflow to functional optimally.

Server Room Cooling in Chicago

Chicago Server Room Cooling    It's impossible to diagnose such problems without the trained eye and specialized equipment of a Chicago server room cooling specialist. Our specially trained technicians will go through your facility and analyze airflow, insulation, and other factors to determine what, precisely, is causing problems. Once they've identified problem areas, they'll quickly install airflow directors, cable insulators, raised floor grommets, and anything else needed to maximize your facility's energy efficiency.

   One of the biggest problems that Chicago data centers have is cold airflow "leakage", where the cool air is going where it doesn't need to go. To combat this problem, we use HOTLOCK blanking panels to insulate equipment panels to provide an up to 99.7% seal. Then, we'll use INFINITY open air panels to increase cool airflow to areas that need it most. INFINITY open air panels can increase airflow in select areas three-fold when compared to other perforated tiles. Finally, once the airflow is well-controlled, we'll use a number of insulating products to make sure that the cool air is having the greatest effect.

   In situations where there's not enough positive pressure for cool air to effectively cool equipment, we use SUBGARD plenum partitions to help direct and balance airflow and restore positive pressure. This is one of the most common measures taken during a Chicago server room cooling service.

   Ultimately,Chicago server room cooling services have to be tailored to the individual needs of each Chicago data center. After our highly trained technicians perform an air cooling efficiency audit, they'll create and implement a plan for increasing the efficiency of your existing cooling system.

   Rather than rushing to transfer the equipment and cooling system from an existing server room to a new, larger server room, many Chicago server rooms can survive in their existing data centers for years - in some cases, decades - after we're finished with our comprehensive Chicago server room cooling service.

   That should make the choice pretty black and white: purchase or lease additional space for your data center that you don't really need (and create new recurring expenses in the process) or make a one-time investment to increase the efficiency of your existing facility.


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