Importance of Koldlok Grommets

Raised floors are created to allow space for the installation of cables and tubes for wiring purposes. This is currently utilized by several industries or by data centers to be more specific. Building raised floors helps control heat buildup. Koldlok Grommets are designed specifically for this purpose. With several models to suit all types of raised floor requirements, these devices are highly effective in neutralizing heat buildup in raised floor areas which may affect the integrity of wires and equipment.

Koldlok Grommets are available in several models

Koldlok GrommetsThere are several models of Koldlok Grommets with a specific purposes in mind. One particular design, the Integral grommet is used for sealing openings before the laying out of electrical wires and communication cables. This will enhance the performance of the existing cooling system device without the need to add new ones. This will help maximize the ability of the equipment to deliver cold air and also increase its long years of service. It's perfect for cold aisle/hot aisle application. Another one is the Surface Mount Large Grommet. It has the same benefits as the first one but has a bigger sealing capacity. The different models are meant to seal a different variety of existing raised tile flooring cutouts, facilitating their removal and installation without snagging the cables under the raised flooring.

Koldlok Grommets surpass government requirements

Koldlok Grommets passed the government standards for materials to in providing this type of services. The company has highly complied with Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and the Council on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS). This means that it's safe to use them and they're able to deliver with superior results to the task that they're meant for. Koldlok has just released recently their new product, the 60" Extended Brush Grommets. They have the ability to seal larger and singular raised floor openings with special application intended for those that are located just below the power distribution unit or PDU especially those supplying the racks of computers and servers.

It's your best option

Koldlok has all the requirements that you'll need. All their Koldlok Grommets products are under warranty and are expected to perform. They're made from very durable materials and is expected to last for several years. Small, medium and large data centers are using these products for high quality materials and performance requirements. They have all product sizes to satisfy your needs. Don't let accidents happen to your data center because of too much heat buildup by using of substandard materials, use only Koldlok products. They can also help you save by extending the life of your cables and wires and you don't need to buy additional cooling system with them working hard under your raised floors.

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