New Jersey Data Center Cooling

Data centers across the nation are facing a terrifying dilemma: they're running out of power, cooling, and space. According to a recent article on, 40% of data centers in North America that responded to a survey said that they were planning to purchase a new data center in the near future and an additional 49% said they were going to have to either lease additional space or move IT workloads to cloud providers.


We offer a more cost-effective solution: New Jersey data center cooling. To help data centers throughout New Jersey cope with increasing workloads, we have a number of New Jersey data center cooling solutions, which will be outlined below.

  • KOLDLOK Raised Floor Grommets ~ We use KOLDLOK 4" floor grommets for a good reason: they offer an almost immediate ROI by reducing cold air bypass. The great thing about this New Jersey data center cooling solution is that they can be installed without moving any equipment. Raised floor grommets are one of the most effective ways to increase computer room air conditioning efficiency.

  • FLOGARD Cutout Covers ~ FLOGARD cutout covers work essentially the same way as raised floor grommets; they help insulate cables to increase air conditioning efficiency and minimize cold air bypass.

  • SUBGARD Plenum Partitions ~ SUBGARD Plenum partitions are a different class of New Jersey data center cooling solutions. They help keep equipment cool by directing and balancing airflow and restoring positive pressure to trouble areas.

  • Cold Aisle Containment ~ We offer a number of products that can help achieve an enhanced level of cold aisle containment, including INFINITY open area panels, which deliver 3x or more cold air to equipment than traditional perforated tiles, HOTLOCK blanking panels, which can provide up to 99.97% sealing in equipment panels to control airflow and significantly increase the efficacy of cooling systems, and a number of KOLDLOK insulating products.

  • Air Cooling Efficiency Auditing ~ One of the most important steps in providing the most effective New Jersey data center cooling solution is performing an air cooling efficiency audit. Using advanced infrared equipment, we can locate "trouble areas" in your data center.

New Jersey Data Center CoolingNo cooling solution will reduce power expenditure, increase air conditioning efficiency, and reduce the overall workload of your equipment without first identifying the biggest problems and addressing them on a case-by-case basis. We have long worked with data center managers to help critical facilities cut power usage and achieve peak efficiency. The key, in our experience, is to approach each facility individually. A data center cooling solution that works for one facility may have little effect on a similarly-sized facility a few buildings down. That's because each data center has a unique layout and each facility has likely already taken measures to try to minimize airflow bypass. Call us today to find out which New Jersey data center cooling solution is best for you.


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