New York Server Room Cleaning

When it comes to your server room, one of the paramount issues is always keeping it clean, and it has never been more important to ensure that your server room is clean.  Issues such as equipment failure always result in huge amounts of downtime, the loss of your competitive edge, and most importantly, employee health.

Server Room Cleaning in New York

One of the most important reasons to keep your server room clean is to avoid any potential damage to equipment, meaning the servers themselves.  As dust piles up on equipment, it begins to act as a heat insulator, causing your server hardware to run at dangerously high temperatures. This will obviously result in malfunction, and permanent damage.  These types of situations can lead to massive losses in data, productivity, and ultimately, money.  This is only one reason that it is so important to take preventative measures with New York server room cleaning from Paragon International.  

New York Server Room CleaningWhen you choose Paragon's New York server room cleaning, you are hiring a professional team of experienced individuals, who know exactly what it takes to thoroughly clean a server room.  At Paragon, we understand best practices when it comes to New York server room cleaning.  We always recommend that companies follow a regular maintenance schedule, even for server rooms that have been well engineered.  An effective cleaning schedule for your server room should include both short, and long term measures for contamination control.  

Just a few of the guidelines that we follow for New York server room cleaning include:

  • All trash and rubbish should be removed from your server room daily.  
  • Raised floors should be vacuumed and mopped weekly.
  • Hardware and all surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly on a quarterly basis.  
  • Sub floor plenums should be decontaminated semi-annually.

Paragon International does not franchise.  Our 300+ well-trained employees are positioned to handle server room cleaning accounts nationwide.  Our staff use specialized equipment and custom formulated chemicals in order to routinely meet, or exceed standards.  If you are looking for a well-established, highly experienced and professional team to handle your New York server room cleaning, look no further than Paragon International.  Please contact us at any time with questions.  We're always standing by, and we are eager to speak with you.

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