Northern California Data Center Cooling

To make sure your data center's temperature is kept at the proper level, hire a strong>Northern California Data Center Cooling company to plan, install and maintain your data center's cooling system. Today's data centers have so much computing power crammed into them that simple air conditioning systems are simply not enough. Data centers hold computers and their support machineries and equipment like telecommunication equipment. As these types of machines become more and more powerful they produce more and more heat. These machines need to be kept at an optimum temperature in order to perform properly and avoid overheating.

Cooling Data Centers in Northern California

Northern California Data Center CoolingA Northern California Data Center Cooling company can help you with your cooling system planning and installation. Every step has to be planned from the installation of the cooling units to the position of the actual racks. This means that ducts have to be properly placed in strategic locations in order for the cool air to reach the right equipment.  Some data centers are cooled by simple air conditioning units that were designed for comfort and not data centers and this will not do with today's computers. Together with the cooling units filters must also be installed to purify the air that circulates within a data center. Many machines housed in data centers are sensitive to dust particles that are as small as half a micron small so it is imperative that the right type of filter is used.

Another service that a Northern California Data Center Cooling company can perform for your data center is studying the flow of the air as it moves through the machines and the room. A properly planned data center can reduce the power consumed by the cooling system by as much as 50% together with other cooling strategies. A Northern California Data Center Cooling company can also advice your company on other heat reducing strategies that can be used in your data center like switching to smaller more efficient server that will suit your needs or switching from disk drives to flash. A good Northern California Data Center Cooling company can help reduce cooling cost and reducing cost without reducing performance is always a good thing.

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