Pittsburgh Server Room Cleaning

Server room cleaning is essential. That's all there is to it. Keeping your server room clean is and always will be a top priority. The list of issues that can result from a lack of proper attention to cleaning is a long one, and it includes such items as equipment failure, downtime, loss of competitiveness and profits, and of course, employee health. What Paragon offers Pittsburgh is comprehensive server room cleaning services that anyone would be hard pressed to beat.

Pittsburg Data Center CleaningKeeping equipment clean in a server room helps to avoid any potential damage. As dust accumulates, it acts as a heat insulator, which causes your server hardware to run at dangerously high temperatures. From there, malfunction results, and permanent damage becomes a possibility. If left unchecked, this situation ultimately leads to massive losses in data, productivity, and profitability.

Server Room Cleaning PittsburgH

Paragon takes steps to ensure your Pittsburgh server room cleaning is prioritized and maintained. We offer a team of experienced, professional individuals with a deep knowledge of the science that goes into thoroughly cleaning a server room. Our team has experience not only in server room cleaning, but also cooling, and more.

We understand best practices when it comes to cleaning your Pittsburgh server room. We recommend, and will train you in the following steps in order to ensure that regular cleaning of your Pittsburgh server room is maintained.

  • All trash and rubbish should be removed from your server room daily.
  • Raised floors should be vacuumed and mopped weekly.
  • Hardware and all surfaces should be cleaned thoroughly on a quarterly basis.
  • Sub floor plenums should be decontaminated semi-annually.

If you are looking for established experts in the industry of server room cleaning, then look no further than Paragon. We are a team of highly experienced scientists and professionals. We perform our services across the country, and we do not franchise. We use custom, specialized equipment and chemicals that are specifically formulated for the services we offer.

We invite you to inquire about server room cleaning services in Pittsburgh. Call Paragon today.


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