Southern California Data Center Cooling

Data centers are enclosed environments that house important computer hardware and other support machines and equipment to ensure the computers run continuously and efficiently as possible. Most of these machines are extremely sensitive to overheating and must be kept at a certain temperature in order for it run efficiently and continuously. To ensure that your data centers are kept at the right temperature at all the times hire a Southern California Data Center Cooling expert to handle your cooling needs. Data center cooling is also one of the most expensive aspects of running a data center; the annual cost of cooling data centers in the United States alone is 4.5 billion dollars annually. If you are planning to build a data center or already run an existing data center and want to cut down on energy wasted on inefficient cooling a Southern California Data Center Cooling expert is a must.

Data Center Cooling in Southern California

The installation of cooling systems can be handled by a Southern California Data Center Cooling expert to make sure that the system is designed for a data center. The proper location of cooling ducts and plenum deliver as much cooling to the location where it is needed. Using the right type of air filter is also needed in order to remove as much of the dust and other contaminants from the cool air before it is delivered into the data center. Data centers require High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA filter in order to remove as much of the air impurities as possible. HEPA filters are designed to remove 99.97% of all air impurities greater than 0.3 microns.

A Southern California Data Center Cooling expert offers many services to ensure that the right amount of cooling is directed to equipment that needs to lose heat the most and reduce the cooling on the machines that have higher heat tolerances. They can conduct air flow dynamics on your data center to see how the cold air flows through the entire facility. it is important to monitor the flow of already heated air; air that has already passed through one machine can be flowed into another machine and transfer heat. A cooling expert can conduct studies on the flow of cool and heated air to make your data center as efficient as possible. In order to maximize your data center performance and lower the energy cost of cooling your data center hire a Southern California Data Center Cooling expert.

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