Method of Procedures for Data Center Decontamination

1.0 Introduction

1.1 The following Scope of Services has been developed by Paragon International for clarification of matters associated with raised floor and equipment decontamination for Data Centers.

2.0 Pre-Cleaning Preparation

2.1 A meeting and walk-through of the facility, with the following present, shall be scheduled prior to the raised floor decontamination work project:

  •  Company Property & Services Management Facility Manager (hereafter referred to as Facility Manager)
  •  Infrastructure Manager
  •  Contractor (when applicable)

2.2 On larger facilities, Paragon International shall be provided a blueprint or reduced floor plan, which will designate electrical outlets for contractor's equipment and for Contractor's use while performing work as indicated in this document.

2.3 On older type tiles, there should be an agreement reached as to who will provide edge strips and tiles before the decontamination process begins should any tiles have damage do to installation.

2.4 There should be agreement on the legend to be used for designating items on floor plans.

3.0 Method of Procedure

3.1 Where changes need to be made in our standard MOP, Paragon International will prepare, for Company approval, a customized MOP prior to any work operation beginning.

4.0 Personnel Requirements

Paragon International employees will not:

  • Loan, give, sell, take, or destroy any equipment, supplies or tools, including personal items left in sight or otherwise detected while working in Company's buildings.
  • Open any drawers, doors, cases or any container not necessary for the completion of the work.
  • Roam through the building, but will remain in those areas where the work is to be done.
  • Give, sell or otherwise make available any records of Company. This includes any papers or information left in wastebaskets or containers, the contents of which are to be destroyed.
  • Make personal calls or other calls from any telephone located in the building except in the case of emergency.
  • Neither bring any alcoholic beverages or narcotics on Company premises nor shall any alcoholic beverage or narcotic be used while working in such buildings.
  • Turn on or cause to be turned on any electrical device not used as a tool.
  • Smoke in Company buildings.
  • Permit any unauthorized person(s) to have access to Company buildings at any time. Only Contractor's employees directly involved in the work and that have a security clearance are to be allowed on the Company property. All designated doors and gates are to remain locked at all times. 
  • Carry or use firearms or weapons of any kind on Company property or leased property at any time.
  • Bring any food or drink on the computer raised floor area.
  • Prop any doors open that provide egress to the computer areas.
  • Paragon International or any of it's employees will:
  • Turn in any items of jewelry or other items of value found while working in Company's buildings.
  • Conduct themselves in a businesslike manner at all times while on Company's property. Loud talk, profanity, or other activities, which prove distracting, shall not be tolerated.
  • Respect the property of Company being sure work equipment does not damage the building, equipment and furnishings. If Paragon International employees bump, splash liquid or disconnect plugged equipment, the on site Project Superintendent shall be notified immediately.
  • Wear a distinct badge identifying and/or wear a uniform with company name and logo whenever working on Company property.
  • Promptly remove from Company's property any employee of Contractor who in Company's opinion has been negligent, wasteful, dishonest or otherwise unsatisfactory in performing their duties.

5.0 Equipment Cleaning Procedure

5.1 HEPA vacuum horizontal surfaces of all equipment.

5.2 Clean all external surfaces of data equipment, tape storage racks and work surfaces with PARACLEAN™ (a chemical rated for computer rooms and provided by Paragon International).

5.3 Do wiping with disposable wiping cloths treated with anti-static property chemical. NEVER spray chemical directly onto equipment.

5.4 Do not clean or touch keyboards.

5.5 NOTE: Physical Planners will decide if existing computer equipment cleaning in their data centers will be allowed.

6.0 Tops of Floor Cleaning Procedure

6.1 HEPA Vacuum the top of the floor and remove all surface dust.

6.2 Treat all smudges, stains, black marks, etc. with PARACLEAN solution and scrub with a medium grade 3M-scrub pad. .

6.3 After the above steps, use approved floor machine provided by Paragon International and thoroughly machine clean all specified floor panel top surfaces. Mops are to be damp when mopping, not wet.

6.4 Then, rinse the floor with a damp mop with clean, warm water. Mops should be damp, not wet.

6.5 Use a two-bucket system, one for mopping, and one for rinsing. Change the water in both buckets often.

7.0 Subfloor Cleaning Procedure

7.1 Paragon International will also take a number of ferrous metals tests and locations designated on provided floor plan.

7.2 Starting near HVAC units, accessible laminate tiles are to be systematically pulled in a checkerboard pattern, no more than 10% of tiles removed at any one time.

7.3 Remove large debris and place it in trash.

7.4 Subfloor void to be cleaned using HEPA filter vacuums with efficiency rating of 99.97% at .3 microns.

7.5 In and around cable groupings, around base columns and walls under the floor will be vacuumed. Cable bundles will not be moved.

7.6 As sub-floor is exposed, inspect for loose pedestals or grids, holes in vapor barrier, signs of food or drink, insects or rodents, etc. and report findings on the provided floor plan and in a final report provided by

Paragon International.

Optional Services:

  • Hand wiping of piping, cabling, stringers, pedestals and sides of tiles.
  • Mopping of the concrete subfloor surface.
  • Removal of perforated tiles from the data center and taken to a approved location. Cleaning of perforated tiles with compressed air. Replace perforated tiles back in the original location.
  • Full 8 point Digital Environmental Report including before (if sub-floor plenum is deemed safe for particle counter by Paragon International manager) and after air particle counts, vapor barrier and ferrous metal tests, grid and seal inspection, and digital photos/documentation of all findings during sub-floor cleaning. If the optional Digital Environmental Report is chosen, Paragon International will provide this report to the Customer within two weeks of the completion of the work.

8.0 Acceptance Criteria

10.1 A final walk through shall be performed jointly with Paragon International and the Facilities Manager orGeneral Contractor's Project Superintendent when applicable.

9.0 Safety

11.1 All Paragon International employees will adhere to Company safety requirements. Paragon International employees will have the responsibility of conducting themselves safely and protecting the valuable equipment and plenum raised floor surfaces they clean, as well as employees who enter the areas where cleaning is being done.

11.2 Safety cones and tape will surround any open tile areas unattended.

11.3 "Wet floor" signs will be used when damp mopping is being done.

11.4 Loose items such as metal screws, paper clips, wire, etc., will be discarded and not left to slip on or find their way into equipment.

11.5 Safety violations will be reported to Company management immediately.


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