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The past few years has seen a resurgence in the demand for raised floor environments. Today's data centers need to deliver the higher power and cooling requirements which new computer equipment requires. One of the most important yet often overlooked services during the construction process is a proper maintenance regimen followed by a final post construction micro cleaning. This process will insure your facility meets or exceeds the ISO 1464 for data centers when you begin populating the mission critical area with computer equipment. Another area of great concern during this process is to insure that a proper clean room vapor and dust control sealant is applied to the concrete surfaces. The proper sealant for this application is very different from the sealant that is applied during the concrete curing process. As the concrete continues to cure it will release contaminants into the air if it is not properly sealed. PARASEAL is a 100,000 psi water based polymer specially formulated for this purpose. PARASEAL should be applied before equipment installs begin to insure access to all concrete surfaces. The importance of a proper sealant application is discussed further in our Data Center Sealant Recommendations page.

Sealed and Unsealed Slab

Paragon International has years of experience delivering the highest quality post construction services in the US. Using our customized Post Construction Scope Memorandum, our specialists will help customize a program and schedule designed specifically for the needs of your facility. Contact us today.



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