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Eliminating By-pass Air Using Virtual and Physical Strategies


The Value of Aisle Level Containment

Many existing data centers use vertical plume airflow panels that waste over 50% of the air they supply. Selecting the proper containment strategy to reduce by-pass air is a crucial. Containment strategies increase cooling capacity and efficiency by ensuring the supply air is funneled through the equipment.


                             Virtual Aisle Containment

Directional Airflow Panels:

  • DirectAire: 68% Open area directional air flow panel- Ideal for creating a virtual containment system the steel DirectAire panel directs the airflow toward the server rack to significantly reduce bypass air.


  • DirectAire Al: 60% Open area, all aluminum directional airflow panel- allows the panel to provide similar cooling capacities with a panel that is 40% lighter.

  • DirectPerf: Available in 25% and 32% open area and provides directional airflow to the rack- both improve energy efficiency and reduce bypass air.

  • Airflow Controls SmartAire MZ Damper Automatic damper to regulate the airflow through a panel to maintain a desired inlet air temperature- offers the most granular airflow control available in the data center.

  • Opposed Blade Damper Single-Zone & Dual-Zone- Offers manual airflow adjustment between 0-100%. 


  • Multi-Zone Damper- enables the airflow delivery to be balanced based on the specific load in a 14U section of the rack. The damper can be individually adjusted for three zones within the rack (top, middle and bottom) without removing the air- flow panel.

  • PowerAire: PowerAire Quad fan- is equipped with 4 fans connected in parallel to provide built in redundancy; this unit can cool up to 18kW of supported IT load. 


  • Smart Aire: SmartAire T is designed to provide IT technicians the ability to control the temperature of the hot aisle when access to service equipment is required.

                                                                      SmartAire MZ


   Benefits of Virtual Containment

-First cost savings over other containment strategies
-Comparable cooling capacity to physical containment 
-No fire suppression, lighting or service distribution concerns associated with adding a roof.

Physical Aisle Containment

Containing the airflow of an entire aisle has been shown to improve capacity and energy efficiency by reducing bypass airflow. Many legacy airflow panels supply air in a vertical plume requiring the use of physical containment systems to reduce bypass airflow and improve capacity and efficiency.

Vertical Airflow Panels

 GrateAire: High volume airflow panels with high rolling loads for contained aisles

 Perforated Panel: Standard airflow panels for contained aisles

AirFlow Controls

Opposed Blade Damper: Offers manual adjustment between 0-100%
SmartAire P Damper: Automatic damper which regulates airflow through the panels of a cold aisle to maintain a specific static pressure.
SmartAire T Damper: Switch activated cooling for conducting service work in contained hot aisles.

Benefits of Physical Containment

Significantly reduces bypass airflow

Customizable products and sizes for any retrofit application
Can achieve 100% capture index at the server


IsoFlo Cabinets

Isolated Airflow Cabinet for Raised Floor Data Centers

 Complete Flexibility

Tate's IsoFlo cabinet can be installed almost anywhere in any data center environment. The full 42U of open
mountable equipment space provides enough capacity to add the equipment needed. The automated airflow
controls provide instant re-balancing for equipment changes and inlet air temperatures can be adjusted to
accommodate the widening operational ranges of newer equipment.

IsoFlow Row


 For information on Tate's ContainAire line of physical aisle containment products visit Tate's website at www.






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