Introducing RLE’s Revolutionary Wireless Monitoring Solution!

Easily increase monitoring capabilities in any complex environment:


  • Wireless convenience, with hardwired security and reliability 
  • Sensors available for temperature, humidity, dewpoint, analog/digital inputs, or leak detection
  • Ideal for compact and remote areas (subfloors or data center racks) and sealed microclimates (museums or archives) 
  • 12-year battery life on sensors
  • Each manager can support 250 sensors, up to 400 sensors with range extenders
  • 3D facility coverage (600 feet direct line-of-sight, or up to 1,000 feet with range extenders)
  • Seamless, no-cost integration with your existing monitoring system
  • Real-time data access from your browser or mobile device
  • Programmable email alerts and customizable trending


Please contact us to discuss a fully customized solution for your application. Our team offers turnkey design, installation, commissioning, and integration services. 
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